Part of the allure of the Amselhaus stems from its remote location. One would expect a gem in the Litchfield Hills to be off the beaten trail. As such, you may not be able to find directions to the Amselhaus with online mapping software or your GPS, nor will you expect reliable cell phone service when you are in this remote destination. Please plan your directions before you begin your journey.

The Amselhaus is located at the intersection of Route 7 and Route 4 in the center of Cornwall Bridge, Connecticut. Your best bet is to use your preferred mapping tool or GPS and find directions to this location, or click the following link:

6 Rug Road, Cornwall Bridge CT

Although we are in the center of the village, we are located behind the stores on the main road. We share a driveway with the Housatonic Valley Rug Shop which is #20 Kent Road. It is located where Routes 4 and 7 meet, next to the US Post Office. You would pull down behind the store to the left of the building where you will see our signs pointing the way. Our sign on Kent Road is currently removed for repair and updating. However, as you proceed into the rug store road, you will see our other signs. If it is after dark when you arrive, the store next to the Rug shop (Housatonic River Outfitters) has colored glowing lights and can guide your way into the parking lot. We are located behind those buildings.