Q: Are you right on the river bank?
A: No, we are on a hill overlooking the river.

Q: Why is the 2 Bedroom South Suite more expensive than the 3 Bedroom North Suite?
A: The South Unit is larger, has 2 bathrooms, and 2 entrances.

Q: Do you have WiFi?
A: Yes

Q: Do you allow dogs?
A: No. Although we love our furry friends, we cannot allow them.

Q: Are there nearby groceries?
A: Yes, you can walk to the General Store for most necessities and there are grocery stores within 10 miles.

Q: Is there a place to launch a canoe or raft?
A: Yes, a short walk to under the bridge is a spot. We also are close by to The Housatonic Meadows State Park where there is a designated public boat launch. There also is a Canoe rental place nearby that does a shuttle service.

Q: Are there hiking trails?
A: Yes, we are close to several state trails as well as the Appalachian trail which is 2 miles away.

Q: What sort of wild animals might we see?
A: Many species of birds, including Bald Eagles in February-March. Deer may wander through occasionally. In the summer months brown bats fly over the river hunting for mosquitoes and a grey fox may walk through the yard on occasion.

Q: Are there taxis from the Metro North train stations nearby?
A: There are private driving services that will pick up guests from an airport or train station. We can help make arrangements for those if needed.

Q: Where's the nearest, pharmacy, hospital, take-out, deli, sushi, Starbucks, McDonalds...
A: Pharmacy is 15 minutes away, nearest hospital is 10 minutes, take out food is available within walking distance as well as 10 minutes away, deli is within walking distance, Sushi and Chinese take-out are 10 minutes away, Starbucks and McDonald's as well as a few department, and larger grocery stores are located 30 minutes away.